Mesothelioma Surgery to Treat Cancer Related to Asbestos

Surgery is one of the most common forms of treatment in cases involving mesothelioma. Three main categories of surgical procedures are involved in this treatment.

Diagnostic surgery is used to look at whether mesothelioma is present or not, and if it is, where it is located. Curative surgery is performed to remove as much cancer as possible with hopes of curing the patient. Palliative surgery is done to remove cancerous tissue and to provide relief for symptoms, but is not intended to cure the patient.

Types of Surgical Procedures

Within these main categories, more specific types of mesothelioma surgery, including:

  • Thoracentesis, which is used to diagnose patients who have suspected pleural mesothelioma
  • Pleurodesis, which is a palliative treatment designed to help patients cope with pleural mesothelioma by draining fluid from the lungs
  • Pneumonectomy, or the removal of a lung, which may be suitable for patients who have mesothelioma in just one lung
  • Paracentesis, which removes fluid that has built up in the abdominal cavity of peritoneal mesothelioma patients
  • Thoracotomy, which is performed to remove small, localized tissue, while leaving as much healthy tissue intact as possible
  • Thoracoscopy, which is used as a diagnostic measure for those who are suspected of having pleural mesothelioma or another lung cancer

It is critically important to discuss your options with your primary care physician if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or if you believe that you may have the disease.

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