Contingency Fees for Legal Services ∙ No Attorney Fees Unless We Win

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients who have contracted mesothelioma. We know that costs skyrocket while the ability to continue working diminishes for mesothelioma victims. It is terrible if mesothelioma victims cannot pursue justice in their cases because they cannot afford the costs of litigation.

At Kaiser Gornick LLP, we take mesothelioma cases for clients throughout California on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not charge our clients attorney fees until we successfully obtain compensation in their cases. This gives mesothelioma victims the opportunity to pursue justice and fair compensation.

The Costs of Medical Care for Mesothelioma

As with all persons needing expensive medical treatment, mesothelioma patients will need to address the financial issues related to treatment. It is important to be open with family members when discussing financial issues, including basic financial planning.

All adults should have a will and other vital paperwork in place, make a budget and monitor cash flow. Patients may need assistance from the following professionals:

  • Financial Planners — They help with managing and structuring your money.
  • Hospital Billing Representatives — They can answer billing and insurance questions.
  • Insurance Agents/Specialists — They help with insurance coverage issues.
  • Bankers and Bank Trust/Loan Officers — They can help with obtaining loans.
  • Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid Representatives — They can provide information on additional sources of income and on payment of hospital or prescription drug costs.
  • Attorneys — They can obtain legal compensation from asbestos companies, help with drafting a will and prepare health care powers of attorney and other important documents.

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