Mesothelioma Treatment and Care

Chemotherapy is a treatment option that has been recognized as effective for mesothelioma patients and can improve quality of life, help alleviate symptoms and extend the survival period. Chemotherapy is designed to kill cancerous cells with approved drugs. For many patients, especially those for whom surgery is not an option, chemotherapy may be the best treatment option available.

Single-agent chemotherapy is treatment that uses only a single medication to treat the cancer. In clinical trials, single-agent treatment has not shown to be extremely effective, but with high doses, it has achieved increased rates of response from patients.

Combination chemotherapy involves a combination of two or more medications, and clinical trials have shown positive results for those who have undergone this type of chemotherapy. The combination of drugs cisplatin and pemetrexed has been shown to be an effective option in chemotherapy treatment. Involving a third drug has not proven better than using only two drugs.

Mesothelioma Chemotherapy Treatment

Many clinical trials have reported that when a combination of cisplatin and other chemotherapy drugs is used on a patient, there is a survival advantage. These drugs have also shown to be effective at alleviating symptoms. Chemotherapy can be used in addition to other treatment options, including surgery and radiation. There are side effects to chemotherapy, and it is important to learn about those effects from your physician.

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