Finding a Mesothelioma Attorney for Your Claim

There are many lawyers in California and nationwide who handle mesothelioma claims stemming from asbestos exposure. It is important to know how to choose the lawyer who is right for your situation.

At Kaiser Gornick LLP, we believe that our approach to mesothelioma claims is unique. Our intention in every case is to provide help for our clients that is not only effective, but also takes into account their personal situation and provides for their needs. We visit with our clients, create relationships and stay involved throughout every case. Our lawyers never tell you something will happen if it is not going to happen.

Experience and Dedicated Service When Choosing a Mesothelioma Attorney

Our attorneys’ asbestos experience spans more than two decades, and they have even taught law school courses about asbestos litigation. Our lawyers have handled over 500 cases. While every law firm claims to be experienced, we actually encompass what experience means and have gained substantial legal knowledge over the years that has helped our clients be successful in litigation.

The bottom line is that we pride ourselves on aggressively representing your interests with the compassion and respect you deserve.

Our firm has built a culture where we try to remain sensitive to everything that is going on. We want to do what is best for the client, and in some cases, that does not mean pulling out every stop to pursue the most money possible. In some cases, that means getting less money, but getting it sooner to facilitate treatment and the recovery process.

Personal Attention in the Process of a Claim

While some firms provide only a business card, a phone number and some empty promises, we stay involved throughout every case.

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