A Commitment to Excellence in Legal Service

Jeff Kaiser and Larry Gornick have both worked for law firms with over 1,000 attorneys. Although this experience provided outstanding legal training, it also highlighted the difficulty of providing a high level of personalized and dedicated service to clients in a large-firm environment. For many years, Jeff and Larry were partners in a smaller firm exclusively representing individuals harmed by defective products. However, as that firm grew, they found themselves spending more time managing and less time litigating cases and focusing on clients. In forming Kaiser Gornick LLP, Jeff and Larry wanted to create a firm sized properly to handle sophisticated cases while providing excellent client service. Unlike many firms, Kaiser Gornick LLP greatly restricts the number of clients it accepts so that each can receive personal attention from a partner. We do not take thousands of cases at a time only to simply “park” them with our clients’ welfare hanging in the balance. We only take cases that we believe have merit, so we can focus all of our resources on deserving clients. Moreover, we do not try to get involved with every new litigation that comes along. We conduct detailed research before committing to a litigation. When we do commit, we put in the time and resources necessary to perform outstanding legal work. As a result, Kaiser Gornick LLP enjoys a national reputation as a leader in representing individuals harmed by defective products.

A Success Built on the Satisfaction of Our Clients

During their careers, Jeff Kaiser and Larry Gornick have been involved in recovering nearly $1 billion on behalf of individuals harmed by defective products. This was not done through class actions; it was accomplished by representing clients individually. As a result of this experience, Jeff and Larry have learned that a plaintiff’s case is only successful if the client is satisfied when the case is over. But satisfaction does not only involve money, it includes the client feeling that he or she has received personal attention and that his or her needs have been adequately addressed.

At Kaiser Gornick LLP our clients come first. We represent individuals who have been harmed and who have unique issues involved in their cases. Being injured and having to hire a lawyer to be fairly compensated is stressful. We strive to provide individual attention so the litigation process does not add additional stress. When our clients call or email, we respond quickly. All of our clients receive Jeff Kaiser’s and Larry Gornick’s email addresses and direct dial phone numbers. Our motto is simple: Clients come first.

Based on this approach, we have enjoyed a steady flow of case referrals over the years from satisfied clients; they refer family members or friends who have been harmed by a defective product.

We also have many cases referred to us by other law firms that recognize our unique abilities and track record of success. Having the recognition of other legal professionals in that manner is a high compliment.

At Kaiser Gornick LLP, our reputation was indeed earned the old-fashioned way. Our partners have worked hard for years to provide the highest level of legal work and client service possible.

Serving Clients Nationwide

At Kaiser Gornick LLP, you can rely on us to help you or your loved one pursue fair compensation. Although we are based in California, we have represented clients from all 50 states. Regardless of where they live, our clients each get the personal attention they deserve.

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