Litigation for Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices such as pacemakers and prosthetics are used by millions of people to help with medical conditions, illnesses and injuries. The companies that manufacture these devices must ensure that they are safe for consumers and that the necessary tests have been performed to show that the devices function properly. When these devices are defective, they often cause serious injuries.

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Examples of Defective Medical Devices

When a defect is discovered in a medical device, the manufacturer has a responsibility to inform the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the public about potential risks. Failure to do so is an act of negligence and can make that manufacturer liable for any illnesses, injuries or deaths that occur as a result. While the FDA dictates the approval process for medical equipment, it is ultimately the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure product safety and to prevent any flaws in design or manufacture that may lead to harm.

Our attorneys have handled claims involving defective medical devices, including: metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, Guidant implantable defibrillators and pacemakers, Medtronic defibrillator leads and pacemakers and many others.

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