Keep Informed About Mesothelioma Treatment Types

A number of therapies and options are used to treat the disease known as mesothelioma. The goals of these treatment options are to kill the cancerous cells, prevent the tumor(s) from spreading and alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Given the unique circumstances of each patient, many factors will determine the best method of treatment, including medical history, as well as the stage and form of the cancer.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to develop a course of treatment to remove the tumor(s) and to attempt to stop the metastasis throughout the body. In other cases, primarily when dealing with late-stage cancer, treatment options are more likely to involve alleviating symptoms and improving the patient’s quality of life.

Types of Treatment Options

The following treatment options may or may not be effective, depending on the patient’s case:

  • Surgery: One of the most common treatments for mesothelioma, surgery is undertaken to remove tumors or to ease pain and other symptoms of the disease. Surgery is often followed by other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, in an attempt to kill remaining cancer cells.
  • Chemotherapy: The least invasive form of treatment to extend the life of the patient, chemotherapy may be used to alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life and prolong survival.
  • Radiation: In radiation therapy for mesothelioma, radiation is applied directly to the cancerous location and may be used in conjunction with other treatments to alleviate symptoms and reduce the growth of tumors.

Clinical Trials and New Treatment Options

In addition to widely known treatments, there is substantial ongoing research into new and more effective treatment options.

New therapies may include immunotherapy, which manipulates the immune system into attacking the tumors; photodynamic therapy, which exposes cancer cells to photosensitizing drugs; and gene therapy, which attempts to correct defective genes that may lead to cancer.

It is important for patients and their doctors to stay up to date on these options, many of which come out of clinical trials that evaluate experimental treatments.

Learn More About Common, Alternative and Emerging Treatments

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