Powdered Surgical Gloves Banned by the FDA

Powdered Surgical Gloves Banned by the FDA

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently banned the use of powdered gloves in surgery and other medical and dental procedures. Pre-powdered exam gloves, pre-powdered surgeons’ gloves, and absorbable powder use for lubricating surgeon’s gloves are no longer allowed to be used by healthcare professionals and facilities.  Likewise, all non-powdered gloves should have no more than 2 milligrams of residual debris or powder from the manufacturing process.

Typically, doctors use surgical and medical gloves to form a barrier between patient and doctor, protecting both from potential transmission of contaminants and diseases. Powdered gloves were meant to lubricate the glove to make them easier to put on. However, the powder has been shown to be dangerous to both patients and healthcare providers.

Many studies have shown how unsafe these powdered gloves are to patients. Injuries associated with these gloves include allergic reactions, granulomas, airway inflammation, asthma, lung inflammation, peritoneal adhesions, and hypersensitivity reactions. These problems occurred when the powder from the gloves entered the air, wounds, or surgical openings. Inhaling such a powder has also been linked to asthma and allergy development.

Most recalls are issued by the manufacturer of the products, so it is rare when the FDA issues an outright ban on a device. While it does have the authority to do so, this is only the 2nd time since 1983 the FDA has taken such an action, showing how dangerous these powdered gloves actually are.

All people associated with medical care, including veterinary providers, are prohibited from using these gloves, and all sales, distribution, and manufacturing have also been banned.

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