AndroGel May Increase Risk of Arterial Plaque

AndroGel May Increase Risk of Arterial Plaque

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AndroGel is one of many brand names of testosterone prescribed for a number of different uses. This brand is a topical gel used to provide patients with higher levels of testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone necessary for many processes in the body. For people who have lower levels of testosterone, their doctors might prescribe AndroGel to bring those levels back to normal with daily morning use. However, a recent study done earlier this year confirms long-held assertions that testosterone therapy in otherwise healthy men only serves to increase their risks of heart attack and stroke.

The study was published in February in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and was accompanied by an editorial written by David J. Handelsman, MB BS, PhD, CRACP, FAHMS. According to Dr. Handelsman, the trend in hormonal rejuvenation is not a new one and might be just as useless as it was at the turn of the 20th century, when people were using testis extracts and manipulations to increase their energy and vitality.

According to the editorial, the only reason to need testosterone treatment is to replace the lost testosterone in men with pathological hypogonadism (organic disorders of the reproductive system). Over the last three decades, however, marketing strategies have circumvented the need for safety and efficacy testing by stretching the definition of “hypogonadism” to encompass almost any condition associated with low circulating testosterone levels (Low T).

While lower testosterone levels in older men are normal, as testosterone diminishes with age, middle-aged men have bought into the Low-T advertisements and have been taking testosterone supplements such as AndroGel to try and offset this diminishment.

The study found that in a controlled clinical trial, men ages 65 or older who too testosterone treatments for a year had a significant increase in noncalcified coronary artery plaque volume, 41 mm more than the placebo. This means they were at increased risk of having a heart attack and stroke, as arterial plaque reduces the space available for blood to travel through in the arteries.

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