The cancerous cells grown by mesothelioma can cause painful side effects and life-threatening tumors if left unchecked. As soon as mesothelioma is diagnosed, it is important to begin exploring treatment options.

In some instances, invasive surgery is required to locate cancerous growths and remove them before they can continue to spread. Anytime surgery is undertaken, a great risk is placed upon the patient. Radiation or chemotherapy may also be used to attempt to isolate and destroy infected areas of the body. While potentially less painful and dramatic than surgery, chemotherapy can ultimately do more harm than good to the patient as they are repeatedly exposed to radiation.

No matter what sort of treatment options a mesothelioma patient undergoes, it is crucial that they are given proper in-home care. Feeling loved and supported during their time outside of the hospital can be beneficial to their recovery, as it gives them hope for the future.

Importance of In-Home Care

Is one of your loved ones undergoing mesothelioma treatment options? When they require in-home care, there are three things that should always be considered:

  1. Day-to-day help: Daily activities that once were easy to complete alone may become increasingly difficult for mesothelioma patients. In order to provide them with constant support and companionship, hiring a full-time in-home caregiver may be necessary.
  2. Nutrition: A healthy diet is important for everyone but incredibly important for those suffering from chronic illnesses, such as mesothelioma. Studies show that fiber, protein, and fish oils can help promote faster recovery after intensive treatments, such as a chemotherapy session. Discuss dietary options and regimens with the patient’s doctor to get a better understanding of what they require to stay as healthy as can be.
  3. Exercise: Fatigue, nausea, and chronic pain or soreness may be prevalent in mesothelioma patients. Exercise is an easy way to relieve all of these symptoms while also strengthening the body. A physician or in-home exercise specialist should be consulted before beginning any exercise that could be strenuous.

Seeking Financial Compensation & Support

Treatment for mesothelioma, both in a hospital and in-home, can be costly. Health insurance may only pay for a fraction of what is required to keep the patient healthy. If a case of mesothelioma can be traced back to another’s negligence, such as an employer that required employees to work with asbestos, a lawsuit may be necessary to collect full compensation to pay for treatments.

Kaiser Gornick, LLP and our San Francisco mesothelioma attorneys can provide you with much-needed legal representation whether you live in the Bay Area or anywhere else in the nation. Contact us today and we can determine during a free consultation if you have grounds for a legitimate lawsuit.