GSK Recalls Thousands of Inhalers with Defects

GSK Recalls Thousands of Inhalers with Defects

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British pharmaceutical company, is recalling more than half a million asthma inhalers in a Level II voluntary recall. Ventolin HFA 200D inhalers have been recalled because of a possible malfunction with the delivery system of the medication.

About 593,000 inhalers were recalled, including lots 6ZP0003, 6ZP9944, and 6ZP9848 in the United States. The recalled inhalers were manufactured at the GSK plant in Zebulon, North Carolina. The recall was issued after it was found the propellant which administers the medication was leaking in some products.

The defect isn’t life-threatening and doesn’t pose a danger to patients, so customers aren’t being asked to return the inhalers. A Level II recall indicates the device may cause temporary or medically reversible health consequences or that adverse effects from using the device are quite rare.

GSK still isn’t aware of how the problem occurred. According to spokesperson Juan Carlos Molina, the company is investigating the issue to identify the root cause and implement corrective and preventative measures.

If you notice a bulge in the packaging of your device, or you think you’ve been getting fewer doses than usual out of your inhaler, talk to your doctor. You can also call the company for more information about the problem. You can call GSK at (888) 825-5249.

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