FDA Warns Dietary Supplement Might Cause Acute Hepatitis

FDA Warns Dietary Supplement Might Cause Acute Hepatitis

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The FDA recently warned of a possible link between OxyElite Pro and some 29 cases of acute non-viral hepatitis in Hawaii. OxyElite Pro is a dietary supplement advertised as aiding weight loss and distributed by USPlabs throughout the U.S. Some of the hepatitis cases required hospitalization, and one person has died. The FDA is inspecting the manufacturing facilities involved with the product. It is also investigating the claim by USPlabs that there are counterfeit versions of OxyElite Pro and whether those might be related to the cases of acute hepatitis.

USPlabs has ceased the distribution of the product while the investigation is ongoing. Hawaii’s state health department is “calling for stores to voluntary remove [the] product from their shelves.” The advice from the FDA is that consumers stop using dietary supplements labeled as “OxyElite Pro”.



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