Bladder Cancer Caused by ACTOS

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At Kaiser Gornick LLP, we represent clients in California and throughout the United States who have suffered bladder cancer from ACTOS, a drug intended to curb type 2 diabetes that significantly increases the risk of bladder cancer. Our San Francisco defective pharmaceutical litigation attorneys have extensive experience handling personal injury claims involving large drug companies. If you have contracted cancer or lost a loved one as a result of ACTOS, our attorneys can help you obtain full compensation for your losses.

Stages of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer begins in the bladder, but can grow and spread to other areas of the body. Once your medical team diagnoses bladder cancer, the next step is to see how far the cancer has advanced and spread:

  • Stage 0 – In this least advanced stage, called carcinoma in situ, the cancer has not spread out of the bladder.
  • Stage I – In this stage, the cancer has moved further into the bladder than the inner lining.
  • Stage II – In Stage II, the cancer has begun to infiltrate the bladder’s muscle tissue.
  • Stage III – The cancer cells in Stage III have moved to the fatty tissue and the prostate gland, vagina or uterus, but no further.
  • Stage IV – Stage IV is the most advanced stage of bladder cancer. In Stage IV, the cancer has penetrated through the bladder and has begun infiltrating other organs.

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

The initial signs of bladder cancer in the early stages include:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Pain and blood accompanying urination
  • More frequent and urgent urination
  • Incontinence
  • Anemia
  • Weight loss

When the disease is in more advanced stages, symptoms can include:

  • Lower back pain
  • A growth near the pelvis
  • Lower leg swelling

As with any kind of cancer, early detection and intervention give the best chances of containing and eliminating bladder cancer. If you are seeing any of these signs, consult with a doctor immediately.

Recovering from Bladder Cancer

The cost and intrusiveness of the treatment options available for bladder cancer vary greatly according to how far the cancer has advanced. With later-stage bladder cancer, treatment options can be medically invasive and prohibitively expensive.

If you have contracted bladder cancer from taking ACTOS, or if someone you love has died as a result of ACTOS-related bladder cancer, you can learn about your legal rights and options in a free consultation with an attorney from our firm.

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