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San Francisco Law Firm Location

Kaiser Gornick LLP
100 First Street, 25th Floor
San Francisco CA 94105

Telephone: 415-857-7400
Fax: 415-857-7499

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Liability Attorneys Law Firm California Location

The liability Law firm Kaiser Gornick is a premier plaintiff's product liability law firm representing people and families injured by defective drugs, defective medical devices and other defective products, as well as anyone who has developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. Liability laws are comprised by a broad area of the law involving errors. Most products liability law involves personal injury lawsuits for defective and dangerous products. Our founding partners, Jeffrey A. Kaiser and Lawrence J. Gornick has helped hundreds of families and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf.

Our Law Firm In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the few truly international cities in the United States. San Francisco is located at the tip of a peninsula halfway off the coast of Northern California, surrounded on three sides by bodies of water: The Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Strait and the San Francisco Bay.

Facts About San Francisco California

  • Founded: 1776 (incorporated 1850)
  • Major economic sectors: Services, trade, finance, insurance, and real estate, government
  • Area: 47 square miles (2000)
  • Height: 155 feet above sea level
  • Average temperatures: January, 52.3 3 F;. August, 62.4 4 F, annual average, 58.6 6 F
  • Mean annual precipitation: 22.1 1 inches

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If you want aggressive liability representation by experienced product liability lawyers who are passionate about their clients contact us online today!

Kaiser Gornick
100 First Street
San Francisco, California 94105
toll free: 800-824-8234
phone: 415-857-7400


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